Fall Push

Report Date: October 2, 2015

Fishing has been very stable over the past weeks as well as the weather. Fall is here and the annual mullet run should start shortly as soon as we have our first noreaster. Rough weather is what triggers the mullet to move, along with all the predators following them. When the migration is here we will be fishing the bridges, inlets, and beaches for tarpon, sharks, big jacks, lady fish, and snook just to name a few. Watching hundreds of mullet get showered by giant game fish is a sight that you will never forget!

As a mentioned in my last report the swordfish are here. The weather has been flat calm almost every day which makes the 18 mile run seem like a piece of cake. Unfortunately I could not get anyone to capitalize on them in September so I went a few days with my family a couple weekends ago. The day started off very slow not getting a single hit. Around 4 oclock when the moon started to rise I noticed the first bite of the day. It was a few taps and we were on. After about 20 minutes of fighting the fish she finally rose to the surface. It was a nice marker which means the fish was over 100 lbs with out his head, tail, and guts. When I opened the fish open and cut into her stomach I noticed she was loaded with fresh squid and mackerel that it must have eaten recently.

I rigged a squid on fastly and dropped the bait back to the bottom. With in minutes we were tight! The fish fought hard on the bottom and then rose to the surface which generally means itís a big fish. Moments later I saw the massive fish jumping off the bow (about 300 ft out). We fought her for a little longer and boated the 300lb sword. It was a great ending to a slow morning.

The reef is starting to light up due to the enormous amounts of bait right now. There have been big schools of ballyhoo getting showered along with lots of mullet, jacks, and pilchards in the shallow water. We have been catching bonitas, barracuda, mahi, sailfish ,and a few kings on the reef. I just heard my first good report on kingfish today. We were catching them good in September last year. They were late this year.

The deep ship wrecks have been producing amberjacks, cobia, vermilion snapper, porgy, and a few groupers.

Offshore of that we have been catching black belly rose fish, barrel fish, and tile fish.

The fishing in South Florida waters will continue to improve as the weather cools off up north. If any of these types of fishing interests you. Please pick up the phone and give me a call. Canít catch them on the couch!

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