Spring Fishing

Report Date: May 1, 2015

Over the past month fishing has been very consistent on the edge off Miami. We have been catching sailfish on a regular basis, the big kings have moved in and the blackfin tuna are starting to sprinkle in.

As we approach the second to third week in May the blackfin tuna will begin to school up along with many other species as May is the best month of the year for sportfishing South Florida.I prefer to fish early morning and late afternoon this time of year. Early in the morning there has been a very good kingfish bite with bonitos, and cobia mixed in. Later in the afternoon has been better for blackfin tuna and sailfish as the afternoon breeze picks up allowing us to fish the kite. Bait has been plentiful the past few weeks which makes our life much easier and gives us a great advantage, enabling us to chum the water to attract various types of game fish to the boat.

For the trophy hunter there has been a tremendous shark bite for the past two months but will gradually slow down as we enter the summer months. April and May are the migrating months for massive game sharks in our area. Some of the sharks we have been catching are golden hammerhead, sandbar, dusky, bull, and some very large silky sharks. I have also heard some reports of mako and thresher a few miles north of where I usually fish this time of year.

Today is the first day of grouper season which opens May 1 and closes Jan 1. We can now keep one grouper per person. Asides from the grouper we have been catching some big amberjacks, mutton snapper, cobia, and almaco jacks on the deeper ship wrecks.

Like I have mentioned in the past May is a great month to catch a large variety of species. Whether it be a large game fish or lots of small fish for the kids we will target whatever your heart desires. Iím looking forward to fishing the next few weeks as this is my favorite time of year for catching!

Calm seas and plenty of sun are awaiting you for that next trip of a lifetime. Pick up your phone or send me an email and letís make it happen!

Capt. Fred David

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