September Slimeys

Report Date: October 1, 2014

In the past, September was usually on the slow side in regards to the fishing and tourism. This year to my astonishment it was the contrary. The fishing has been spectacular both offshore and inshore!

I only fished a handful of days this past month but was astounded how consistent the fishing was. Years ago, September use to hold an abundance of juvenile kingfish tight to the reef. This hasnít happened in quite some time. The tables have turned and the toothy critters are back! The reef has been loaded with juvenile kingfish. The average size has been from 5-8 lbs. The best times to catch these slimeys have been early in the morning. We have been catching a large percentage of them on planerís followed by strips of bonita with a seawitch in front of them. Planerís are a flat piece of metal which dive down to keep the baits suspended from 30-50 ft. below the water column. They have a trip device, which frees the weight of the planer when the fish strikes. It has been great fun the past few weeks catching the kings and I hope they stick around.

Offshore the fishing has been very good as well. We are finding plenty of dolphin and wahoo from 8-10 miles out under sargassum and floating debris. September-November are great monthís to target dolphin and wahoo.

Over the past 3 days there has been an epic swordfish bite at night. I have some commercial friends that have been averaging 6-10 fish per night. This is a great sign and it should only get better coming up on the full moon. If you have not caught a broadbill swordfish before or it is the last billfish on your list. Now is the time!!

The seasonís are starting to change, which meanís the pelagics will begin there southerly migratory pattern. Once this occurs the fishing will heat up in South Florida.

I still have some openings this October so if you would like to see what fishing Miami has to offer pick up your phone or send me an email. Letís go fish.
Tight Lineís
Captain Fred David

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