Summer swordfish are slammin.

Report Date: September 9, 2011

Over the past 12 swordfish trips there have been no skunks. Catching a swordfish every trip for the last two weeks only means one thing. They’re back!

On the tenth of October I had a good friend and reporter of the Miami Herald ride along with us. This was just going to be a fun trip with my crew and her. The wind was out of the west and there were a lot of storms around. This isn’t the most promising conditions when targeting a daytime broad bill. With not a lot of time due to the weather I didn’t have much hope. Fortunately, the first drop we managed to catch about a 120 lb fish and headed for the concreted just missing the torrential downpours and lightning in the horizon.

The reef fishing is about as good as it should be this time of year. Very Poor. If you can get out early enough there have been a few kings, a handful of bonitas, and your occasional sail. I had one trip this month with a nice couple. Toby and his wife wanted to fish a half day. We loaded up on bait and headed off to the reef. With in a half hour we had a nice sailfish tailwalking all over the surface. It was the couples first one and they were very pleased. For the end of the trip I decided to try a few bottom spots where we managed to capture some nice snappers and a few almaco jacks.

Starting Sept. 1, snook season is now open. Drifting the inlets with live baits can be productive this time of year. You can catch jack crevelles, mangrove snappers, small groupers, snook, and your occasional tarpon. We had one good night on the snook a few weeks back with a couple good friends fishing off the rocks in Govt. Cut.

For the next couple months the swordfishing should be the best bet. Whether you prefer the daytime or at night, both methods can be effective this time of year. September-November are by far the best months of the year for targeting broadbill.
The Bahamas is a good choice as well this time of year if you like to bottom fish or high speed troll for big wahoo.
Tight lines,

Capt. Freddie

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