Fun in the Sun

Report Date: June 27, 2011

Charter fishing is starting to cool down this time of year but the South Florida sun is defintely heating up.

In the beginning of the month I took my good friend Tito fishing with me for a half day. We had caught a lot of bait early in the morning and decided to anchor up on the reef off North Miami Beach. After a few scoops of chum the bonita action was on. Doubles, triples and quads were pretty much the deal that day. We did manage to catch a half dozen kings up to 30lbs and a couple smaller sized blackfin tuna. After a long night of partying in South Beach and non stop action on the reef Tito sure took advantage of what South Florida has to offer!

A few days later Mike Fray and his friends came fishing with me off of Fort Lauderdale. They fished with me last year and had a blast. The fishing was a bit slower then it was last year but we still managed to find the fish. The first afternoon we fished on the anchor off Fort Lauderdale for a couple of hours. Unfortunately all we could manage were a few bonitos. We then decided to wonder offshore where I saw some birds picking around 600ft. We threw a few liveys out and managed to catch about 8 nice sized schoolies. After the dolphin slowed down I came back on the reef for one last hoorah. We got real lucky and caught a nice sized sailfish with a couple more bonitos mixed in.
The next afternoon we decided to head offshore in pursuit of the dolphin. About 7 miles out I noticed a frigate bird with a few smaller birds picking on the water. We struck gold. For the next two hours we were in solid fish. There were about a hundred 4-8lb dolphin swimming around the boat. What a sight. After we caught our limit we then headed inshore to fish the reef. We captured a nice king around 30lbs and saw a few sailfish free jumping. It was a great afternoon.

On the 18th of June I fished the annual ABC Tournament with Sims Crane Company. There were 21 boats in the tournament. The day started out real slow with just two keeper kingfish. We ran all over the ocean in search of couple bigger fish but could only manage some small dolphin and lots of bonitos. With about an hour left in the tournament I ran back south off of San Remo in Boca Raton. The conditions were not promising. Lots of sea weed, no current, and green water. With our chances looking bleek we managed to make two drifts and caught two big kingfish. This was enough to capture the victory with 76lbs of fish. Our efforts paid off and everyone was very happy.

I made a couple trips to the Bahamas this month which might be the best bet for the next couple months. Summer is a great time to make the two hour run to Bimini. Do to the light south east winds and calm seas it can be a very nice crossing. There are many varieties of fish there which give us lots of options and fish to target. If you would like to see these beautiful islands, crystal clear waters, and pristine beaches now is the chance.

Till next time,

Capt. Freddie David

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