Good bye Spring. Hello Summer!

Report Date: June 2, 2011

May ,once again this year ,didnít let us down. I was fortunate to fish just about every day this month. May is my favorite month of the year for fishing south Florida. Do to the variety of species that accumulate in a short distance off shore it makes for a lot of action and a lot of fun.
To start the month off I had Chris, his wife Michelle, and three kids Katie, Noah, and Madelinne on board to do a 12am-12pm sportfishing adventure. Madelinne was our youngest customer (6 mnths old). These proud parents didnít have any problem breaking these kids in early. The great thing about having small children on board is that they are excellent listeners and really enjoy learning and doing what ever they can do to help out and be a part of the program.
We left the dock at 12am and headed south to catch our live bait. After the needed bait was captured I put the family on a couple deep ship wrecks. As soon as the first blue runner hit the bottom it was on. The first fish was a nice 40lb amberjack. What a fight. Five more drops and five more big amberjacks . These back busting bruisers will test your strength. They call them reef donkeys because of there persistent stubborness and incredible fights.
Chris really wanted to catch a sailfish so we decided to put the kites up. With in minutes the flat line bolted off and then the kite on the other side was bent over. Double header sailfish. They were dancing all over the ocean, what a sight to see. From about 5p.m till dark it was pretty much lock and load. We caught another double header sailfish, lost a big tuna, and caught as many big kings as you wanted. After it got dark we headed offshore in pursuit of a swordfish. Unfortunately we didnít catch a sword but we did have two bites that were pulled off.

A couple days later my good friend Mikey let me in on a three boat convention trip off of Fort Lauderdale. I decided to anchor up on a spot in 120ft of water. As soon as we got settled the first rod out got hit. A junior angler ended up landing a nice 25lb blackfin tuna. I knew it was going to be a good morning when the first fish was a nice tuna. For the next couple hours we landed 20 bonitas, eight kingfish from 10-30lbs, two more big tunas, and a big sailfish.

I made one trip to the Bahamas this month. We went to Bimini for the mutton spawn. Do to the lack of current out front we were only able to catch a handful of muttons. The second day we ran to the gingerbreads which is about a 45 mile run from Bimini. The yellowtail fishing was spectacular. We fished for about 2 hours and caught 60 big yellowtails up to 4-5lbs.
The dolphin have showed up strong the last couple of days because of the strong easterly winds. There are large amounts of flying fish which get the frigate birds attention and later get our attention. Nice schoolies and some 20-30 lbs. mixed in.
I went daytime swordfishing the last couple days on another charter boat out of Miami. We fished two days and caught two swordfish up to 160lbs. There have also been some reports of fish up to 600lbs caught last week.
We are coming into our summer months which means calm weather. With the flat seas we are able to head offshore in search for the broadbill swordfish and mahi mahi. This is also the time of year to run to Bimini which is only 55 miles away. If any of these excursions interest you now is the time to do it. So lets explore what the deep waters of the Atlantic have to offer and go fishing!

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