Good fishing, Good people.

Report Date: March 2, 2011

Since my last fishing report business has picked up and so has the fishing. We have had a consistent north current over the past few weeks which is a key factor when fishing the South Florida Coast. With a strong north current comes a variety of species.

The O’Callaghans from Jacksonville came down on the weekend of the Miami Boat Show to fish with us. On our way offshore , I noticed a large flock of birds in about 200 ft. It looked like something out of national geographic. Hundreds of birds with massives explosions underneath. Upon arrival I noticed my brother aboard the L and H, right in the middle of the action. I pulled up to talk to him. By looking at the crew members shirts, stained blood red ,it appeared as if they were in a massacre. There were fish all over the deck of his 46 ft. Hatteras. Absolute mayhem. He told me to pull up to him and then gave us some white feathers and small hooks. Luckily I had a well full of small pilchards to match the hatch. As soon as the first bait hit the water it was on. Tuna after tuna. You would throw one bait out and there would be ten tunas trying to eat it right under the boat. After about twenty of these tunas we were spent. For the last hour of the trip I anchored on a shipwreck. We lost three nice fish on the bottom and caught a bunch of big bonitos to end the day.

Jonas and Louise from Sweden, fished with us a few days after. We started out trolling feathers in the deep water. After about five minutes both rods bent over. A nice skipjack and a blackfin tuna. After several more tunas we decided to put the kites up. From about 9 a.m until the end of the day it was solid action. Between sailfish, nice dolphin, bonitos, kingfish, and Spanish mackerel it was a fun filled day full of excitement.

Lisa, her husband Leland, and son Ryan came down from Texas to fish with us for a full day. The bait was great and so was the fishing. We started off anchoring off Miami for kingfish. First line in was a decent king. After about an hour we had 10 nice kings and a few Spanish mackerel. We later deployed the kites with goggle eyeys and some nice threadfin herring. Fishing was a little bit slow ,but we managed to get a handful of bonitos and the families first two sailfish.

Spring time is right around the corner. This is my favorite time of year for fishing South Florida.Dolphin, wahoo, tuna, kingfish, cobia, sailfish, big tarpon on the beach just to name a few. Twenty to thirty fish in a day is not uncommon from March-May.

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