Sargassum Sea

Report Date: September 5, 2018

Fishing has been fairly consistent over the past few weeks asides from massive amounts of sea weed washing ashore. Sargassum provides a floating estuary for many sea creatures beginning there lives but it also can be a burden when it attaches to your lines every few minutes. It is a true test of patience.

I was able to fish Cape May, New Jersey for a few days with some friends of mine on the Nora Angel. We fished the Mid Atlantic but were unfortunate to find the fish we needed. The last day before I left for Miami we did get lucky and catch some agressive white marlin on the troll.

Most of our fishing in the summertime is done offshore. We will troll along side the sargassum which has been condusive to capturing mahi mahi, blackfin tuna,wahoo and an occasional sailfish.

We are now in our peak months for swordfishing and I am already starting to hear some good reports! My nephew had an incredible night last week landing six broadbills up to 300lbs. There is no fish that fights harder that a ticked off swordfish.

Fishing closer to the reef lately we have been encountering kingfish, little tunny, barracuda, sharks, and yellow tail snappers.

Sometimes the half day reef trips are the way to go if you have kids or novices on board.

We are approaching our slow time of year as the kids get back to school. This will give us some time to work on tackle and boat maintenance.

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend and look forward to getting you on the water.

Capt. Fred David
Frick and Frack Fishing, Inc

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